niedziela, 9 sierpnia 2009

Last days in Armenia and Georgia again:)

we spent last days in Armenia in the Aragac mountains - camping near the Kari Lake and reaching one of the Aragats pick. To get to the Kari Lake we had to walk around 20 km so we started... after some time we catched a lift with local sheepyards:) Near the lake we had some nice party during which we drank nice vodka from paprica-glass:) After staying there it was time to get back to Georgia. With 3 Armanians we get to the road to Gumry and than just after few minutes black mercedes stopped. With the captain of Russian Army and his friend we got to Gumry. They were very helpful and even paid for our wine! We got also some food supply:)

After passing Armenian-Georgian border we were taken to KAMAZ by two guys - border police officer and driver. They offered us a lift to Vardzia - place where old monastery is located in natural and artificial caves. We got there late after exciting race with another Kamaz:) During next day we visited the monastery and started to move towards Kutaisi. Again we were very luckyt - we were invitewd by the major of Aspindza first for a coffee and later for a biiig party at the evening. We didnt refuse:) The party was amazing - we could feel the true georgian atmosphere and tradition.. Hectoliters of home made wine, Tamada - the party leader, long toasts - we could taste Georgia! next morning Aleks's (Mayor) private driver drove with us to Borjomi - popular georgian resort with mineral springs. We found cheap accomodation and went to try healing water. We also met two Georgians with the polish orgins:) We had nice time talking about history and their roots. They also encouraged us to visit Gori. we went there next morning to see Stalin's Museum. We saw a lot of gifts for Stalin, Stalin's private train car and so on...

Then we hitchiked towards Kutaisi to see two impressive churches - monastery Gelati and ruined Bagrati Cathedral. When we were in Gelati looking for a place for tent we started to chat with group of doctors. One of them offered us to sleep in his unused house. He gave us keys and ordered to leave them next day under the doormat. We were very lucky because the night vas extremly rainy. 

Today morning we left Kutaisi by taxi but the driver didnt want any money from us - just said that we have to drink a toast for Georgia (already done). Just after 15 sec next car stopped and we were driving with 3 persons in direction of Poti. We were given some local specials and a water mellon:) They also left us under the protection of their friend - police officer, who started to stop cars and ask drivers if he/she can take us:P!!! Can You belive?! So we had a lift just after few minutes. Than again we didnt have to wait long - ford transit stopped. We were invited for a very good wine and food. Now we are in Batumi and probably tommorow we will leave Georgia :(


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